Next Generation of OMS

High Speed Order Management System for Trading

Flexible, Scalable & Resilient

Flexible, Scalable & Resilient

Cory is a modern, multi-asset, and multi-portfolio Order Management System (OMS) with a powerful validation engine crafted to streamline and enhance trading of equities, funds, ETPs, derivatives, bonds, index etc.

High Speed Order Management System for Trading


Cloud or Bare Metal

Low Latency for
Maximum Throughput

Cory represents our vision for the future of trading operations. With a scalable platform and a powerful validation engine, we drive your trading efficiency. Following successful implementation at one of Sweden’s largest internet banks, we are now rolling out Cory to more clients. Cory ensures that your OMS (Order Management System) will not impede your business development. It is a flexible ‘off-the-shelf’ product for trading banks seeking next-generation architecture.

Cory is live and operational, proving its worth over time.

Opting for our system is a decision to engage in a partnership where your trading departments and desks gains practical benefits, such as faster response times and iterative feedback cycles compared to larger, incumbent alternatives.

Its design inherently supports the addition of new functionalities and integrations as your needs develop over time.

By working with us you’ll get a reliable partner who will follow you through your development journey.


Customizable Pre-trade Validation Engine (PTV) 

  • This ensures that proposed trades comply with various regulatory, risk management, and business rules before they are sent to the market for execution
  • Establish and uphold compliance policies and standards
  • Implement risk profile settings at both account and group levels
  • Validate order parameters to ensure precision and compliance

Customizable integrations

  • Front-office, Back-office Integrations API, gRPC which is designed for building efficient and scalable microservices as well as other distributed systems.
  • Extendable market connections with preexisting connections, some examples are: Kepler Chevraux for direct trading with Nasdaq and Euroclear Sweden, integrated with AbaSec for back-office functionality and end-of-day imports and Infront for market data
  • Infront integrations for market data which means the capability of integrating the Infront platform with other systems, applications, or services.
  • Option to add trading, market data, and currency end points.

Multi-Asset (Bond, ETF, ETP, Futures, Option), Multi-Source Aggregation

  • Unify all order flows within a single platform for optimal control. (Shows adaptability in handling diverse order flows.)


Monitor friendly

  • Provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities, making it easier to observe, analyze, and manage the system as it scales. This is crucial for maintaining optimal performance, identifying potential issues, and ensuring a smooth and efficient scaling process.

Cory includes ready-made functions with various metrics that can be used for analysis and monitoring

  • As the system grows or experiences increased demands, it is well-equipped to handle the associated data and maintain effective performance analysis and monitoring capabilities.

Can be hosted on Kubernetes and bare metal

Cory have successfully scaled a business from 100 000 to 2 million users

Multi-asset, Multi-source Aggregation

  • Unify all order flows within a single platform for optimal control. (Centralizing order flows support handling increased volume.)
  • Monitor aggregate Profit & Loss to safeguard your financial health. (Monitoring aggregate P&L is vital for managing growth and scale.)


Automatic fail over in case of outages

  •  A mechanism in place to automatically switch to a backup or redundant system if the primary one fails or experiences an outage. Automatic failover enhances resilience by minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation even in the face of unexpected issues.

Can be hosted on Kubernetes and bare metal

  • The workload can be distributed and thus ensure high resilience and availability
  • Highlights flexibility in deployment options. Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform that allows for the efficient management and scaling of containerized applications. Bare metal refers to running software directly on physical servers without a hypervisor. The ability to be hosted on both Kubernetes and bare metal platforms increases the system’s resilience by providing deployment choices and reducing dependence on a single hosting environment.


  • Resilience through automatic failover, flexible deployment options, and workload distribution, all of which contribute to ensuring continuous operation, minimizing downtime, and adapting to different scenarios.

Want to know how you can accelerate your business by using Cory? Do not hesitate to contact us. 

We have built our OMS system Cory with the leading partner on high speed systems.